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 my life as okami

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ki okami

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MessageSujet: my life as okami    my life as okami  Icon_minitimeMar 31 Jan - 22:13

hi i m OKAMI i live far far away from the world
..... i m the clone of my oun world in plase of being the preness ..the VIP i m the jock ..... horrible ah !!!
offf my story is omost like all storys off those loseeeerrrssss who never lurn from there mistakes even if they do its only matter of time for them to fall in a other one ......honestly i m not that stupid ok i fall in stupid sutuation i do stupid reaction stupid words ...ect but in the same time i m that girl that people ask for advs u kn for help in all kind of problms even there relationship........
...................BACK TO ME.....................
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm i fold in luv 2ss and in the bouth was love from one side ..my side and they never knew about how i feel loool..the first one ((K)) live across the street i love him sense i was 12 years or less and the other one ((W)) study with me and his my friand to0
.....the problm is i did nt moved on i m steel in luv of THEM ( the 2 guys) and i couldn t love another one EVER...............really i borked to many hearts to many times cause no one of my ex(s) were like THEM................
..........i m diong my best to let go speciale that K now have a girl friend and when i chat with him in FB he dont answer me and when we meet he says like ohh sorry it wasn't me it was my wife ""GF"" and she think that u r a guy thats why she doesnt answer....BS.......and W have a girlfriend too who is older than him and now he play the jackass rool with me and he provoc me to fight with him really and he allways look for a moment to make me look like a stupid in frount of my friands ...it sucks.....
..i really should move yeah !!!.....
.....i ll finish the story after a read ur thoughts ................wht do u think !?
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my life as okami
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